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Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 18 covers Long Island east of the William Floyd Parkway.

The Division 18 Area of Responsibility (AOR) is divided among four Coast Guard Stations:

            Blue Star     Station New London

            Blue Star     Station Montauk

            Blue Star     Station Shinnecock

            Blue Star     Station East Moriches (small)

These stations are serviced by four units:

  Black Dot Auxiliary Flotilla 18-02 -- East Hampton Flotilla 18-02 E-mail
    Flotilla 18-02 Typical Area of Responsibility

  Black Dot Auxiliary Flotilla 18-03 -- Riverhead Flotilla 18-03 E-mail
    Flotilla 18-03 Typical Area of Responsibility

  Black Dot Auxiliary Flotilla 18-06 -- East Moriches Flotilla 18-06 E-mail
    Flotilla 18-06 Typical Area of Responsibility

  Black Dot Auxiliary Flotilla 18-08 -- Southold Flotilla 18-08 E-mail
    Flotilla 18-08 Typical Area of Responsibility



Boating classes are conducted free of charge [there is a nominal fee for materials] to the general public for both Sailboating and Powerboating. These classroom-based lessons are offered at various times during the year in both refresher versions lasting 6 weeks and more intensive versions of approximately 12 weeks duration.

In addition, 5 week classes are offered for young boaters (ages 10-17) through which the young boater can earn the NY State Young Boater's Certificate, without which it is illegal for a youngster to operate a power boat alone.

If you need to locate a class anywhere within the United States Click Here


A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a free examination of your boat usually conducted at various marinas and other sites in the area. Your boat will be well examined by one of our specially trained Coast Guard Auxiliarists and you will be provided with a report of your vessel's compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations regarding boating safety features and equipment.

There is no penalty at all if your boat fails to meet full compliance. You will simply be given a report listing the deficiencies found, along with encouragement to make corrections on your own and be retested at some convenient time in the future.

For further information on how you can get your boat examined by one of the Safety Examiners here in Auxiliary Division 18, please send E-mail to Division 18 VSC Coordinator.



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